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VCR Intercity Relay Rules

  • Forming a team

  1. The race is in the format of a group relay, each team must confirm its representative city.

  2. Each team must consist of a minimum number of 6 runners.

  3. Each runner must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Competition rules

  1. Each member of the relay team must run ONE (and ONLY one) leg of the relay, and the team must run a total of 8 hours continuously.  The team that covers the longest distance wins the race.

  2. Each team’s record is tracked separately, and the team with the best record will represent its city and compete with the other cities.  The honor of the winning team goes to the entire city it is representing.

  3. Each leg of the relay can be 20, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.

  4. Each team uses a time tracker as the “baton” passing from one member to another until the race is finished.  Each member must notify the umpire of the time he/she runs and the distance he/she covers when he/she completes his/her leg of the relay.

  5. Each member can choose to run clockwise or counter-clockwise on the track, however, the time tracker must be placed on his/her body closer to the inner track.

  • How to calculate the final result of a team

  1. Each team must calculate the weighted coefficient of the team based on each member’s age, gender, and running time entered on the registration form, and announce the team’s weighted coefficient the day before the race.  The team’s distance for record-keeping in determining the winner is calculated as the actual distance covered in the relay by the team and its weighted coefficient.  

  2. Calculation of the weighted coefficient is as follows:

  3. The basic coefficient is calculated based on the qualification time for Boston Marathon (BQ) (see the table below – Boston present qualifying times 2020).  The coefficient = Marathon BQ time / 200 minutes (see Coefficient Table below).

  4. Each team calculates the total coefficient minutes by taking the corresponding coefficient based on each member’s age and gender (from the table below) multiplied by the registered running minutes and adding it up.  The weighted coefficient = the total coefficient minutes / 480 minutes (rounded up to 4 decimals).

  5. The “baton” must be passed from one member to another with a 1-minute buffer before or after the designated time.  If the “baton” is passed outside the buffer, for each minute earlier or delayed, the team will be penalized by subtracting one kilometer from its covered distance in record keeping.  Any time under one minute will be counted as one minute for penalty.  

For omissions or disputes in the rules of the competition, the competition organizing committee has the final interpretation and decision-making power。

* Coeficient Table

coeficient table 1.JPG
coeficient table 2.JPG

* Boston Present Qualifying Times 2020

Boston Present Qulifying Times 2020.png
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