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Community Partner Card for IRUNFITNESS members

好消息 Launch Rehab 物理治疗诊所推出爱跑跑友专属”iRun社区伙伴卡”

只需在治疗时出示此卡(手机截屏即可)即可在任何 Launch Rehab 地点享受

1. 10% 的服务折扣

2. 获赠得一根阻力带或触点按摩球


Please see the attached Community Partner Card for IRUNFITNESS members. Simply show this card at the time of treatment to receive a 10% discount for services at any Launch Rehab location. Members will also receive one free resistance band or trigger point release ball when they attend a treatment session.

At Launch Rehab, we take the time to establish a relationship with our clients and understand their unique needs. We provide:

1-on-1 treatment sessions

Personalized recovery plans

Expert hands-on manual therapy.

Our expert team and first-class therapy studio are built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and a passion for making a positive impact. From partnering with community groups and charitable donations to health and wellness workshops, our goal is to create healthier communities through healthier individuals.

Our expert team includes:


Registered Massage Therapists


We would be happy to serve you at one of our three studio locations:


North Burnaby

New Westminster

感谢 Launch Rehab 物理治疗诊所 一直长期支持爱跑跑友的各项活动!

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