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iRun Fitness Society

Outdoor Gathering Events Safety Plan
Keep COVID-19 Safe while we meet outdoors!

This plan is subject to changes in Provincial Health Office orders on COVID-19.
Always follow the directions of your event Convener.

This Safety Plan gives basic guidelines for the outdoor events that will be held by iRun in Central Park, Burnaby, on August 29, 2021.

Before the event:
• Assess your health and recent contacts with this Self-Assessment Tool. If a health risk is possible, please do not attend.
• Review the event details on the Society website or in the convener’s email to the group.
• Ensure you feel comfortable with the event’s plan, location, and amenities.

On Event Day:
• Follow the directions of the convener or assigned leader. They are aware of changes to COVID-19 protocols.
• Agree to a contact tracing method (example: photo, signup list).
• Do not congregate outside the event venue or the washroom area.
• Sanitize or wash hands frequently. Do not share foods or drinks.
• The guest agrees to fully release and discharge iRun Fitness Society, its volunteers, or officers from all liability in connection with this social gathering event.

Social Distancing:
As our COVID-19 restrictions ease, continue to consider your personal risk factors when deciding to attend an event.
• Respect each other’s boundaries - some members may be more comfortable with social
contact than others.
• Practice careful social contact, for example:
-keep a reasonable distance when talking to others.
- if considering carpooling to an event, ensure you feel comfortable sharing close quarters in a vehicle.
- if the event includes social games, ensure you are comfortable with the possible social contact. 

We can meet and greet AND be safe!

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